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                                  30-55 Passenger Bus - MCI J4500

                                  30-55 55

                                  62 Reviews

                                  Motor Coach Industries manufactures some of the most reliable charter buses on the market. The J4500 comfortably transports up to 55 passengers. Space under the floor is reserved for full size luggage. Premium amenities available on most models include bathrooms, power outlets, and Wi-Fi connectivity. To learn more about this model and place a reservation please call an agent 24/7 at 1-800-436-8719.

                                  47-56 Passenger Bus - Prevost H3-45

                                  47-56 55

                                  52 Reviews

                                  Prevost manufactures the gold standard charter bus on the market. Many of the premium features designed for their X3-45 VIP Entertainer coach trickle down to their 56-passenger model. For more information on reserving a Prevost model contact a reservation agent 24/7 at 1-800-436-8719.

                                  56 Passenger Bus - Setra S417

                                  56 56

                                  42 Reviews

                                  Designed and manufactured by Mercedes-Benz in Germany, the Setra S417 is well known in the industry. This vehicle has impressive curb appeal with a distinctive exterior design. Many professionals traveling to conventions with clients often request this charter bus. We recommend reserving early to ensure availability for your preferred model bus.

                                  38-55 Passenger Bus - TEMSA TS45

                                  38-55 55

                                  32 Reviews

                                  Popular in both North America and Europe, the TEMSA TS45 model motor coach features modern design and appeal. Designed and manufactured in Turkey, this model coach features a distinct interior with comfortable seats for long trips. Room for luggage above head and below the floor makes this model popular.

                                  38-56 Passenger Bus - Van Hool CX45

                                  38-56 56

                                  22 Reviews

                                  Designed for private charter and scheduled service, the Van Hool CX45 is considered the most versatile model. This motor coach has been in service for over 15 years across the North America. Comfortable reclining seats and premium entertainment systems make long-distance trips comfortable. Wide screen televisions for watching movies are standard on most vehicles.

                                  56 Passenger Bus - Volvo 9700

                                  56 56

                                  11 Reviews

                                  The Volvo 9700 series motor coach regular receives some of the best reviews from our customers. Reclining leather and premium fabric seating with extra legroom are standard on all models. Added technology and safety features ensure your group arrives at their destination on time. We recommend this model no matter what event or activity you are reserving for.

                                  *Bus models and amenities may vary